Hello Friend! My name is Tracy Rushing. I rarely go anywhere that I am not snapping photos of EVERYTHING. Every moment is precious and time is fleeting. My daughter passed away when she was three and I would give anything to have photos to hold on to BUT I also do not regret being present in the moment with her instead of being behind a camera.


This is my WHY. I want to give my clients what I didn't have. Both the memories of the experiences and photographs to keep when our memories fade.

So, while you are experiencing the memories I will be the one capturing them.


I want you to be present in the moment and I will tell the story.

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Meet Luna. AKA Lulu AKA Luna Bug  The sweet little diva rescue that rescued us! She is a broccoli eating, high jumping, tug a war playing, soaking in the sun in your face kinda dog (no regard to personal space). She is the smartest, sweetest and I know I know she is the cutest DOG EVER!  She has our heart and she knows it! 

Meet the Hubs...Chris. He is my right hand and sometimes my left hand. He supports this business so much that he will even be my second shooter when needed. He's pretty busy these days with being a storm spotter,  a co-owner of a business, a drum teacher (instructor) and he is also a skeet coach for a local school. Oh and did I mention he is an Army Vet? Pretty amazing, huh? I got lucky with this one and I mean besides being a hard worker... he sure is handsome! 

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